Weekend Briefing (11-15 October)

As another news-packed week passes, we have plenty of work to do, covering a range of interesting subjects. This week Lebanon suffered brutal clashes in Beirut, Iran tested its new AD-08 ‘Majid’ Short-Range Air Defense System, the US Army’s next generation IVAS system has been delayed, an Australian MH-60R from HMAS Brisbane was forced to ditches in the Philippine Sea and the situation on the Polish – Belarusian border saw a dangerous escalation and . You can find the full list of our articles rounding up the week’s most important defense news down below.

Australia Approved To Buy Twelve More MH-60Rs in $985 Million Deal

The US Donates Six MD-530F Light Helicopters to Lebanon

France Protests Over Wagner Group Activities in Mali

Second Phase Of Malabar 2021 Announced, JIMEX Conducted

First Production Contract Signed For CH-47F Block II Chinooks

New Proximity Fuse Powers APKWS Anti-Drone Capabilities

USAF Conducts First GBU-72 Advanced 5K Penetrator Release

Shots Fired On Polish-Belarus Border As Illegal Intrusions Rise To Historically High Levels

Defense Minister: Malaysia Still Concerned Over AUKUS

UK Announces Plans for More Regular Deployments to Asia-Pacific

Navantia Advances Modernisation of Agosta Class Submarine Galerna (S-71)

IAI Selected As Prime Contractor For Carmel AFV Program

MH-60R from HMAS Brisbane Ditches in the Philippine Sea, Crew Safe

Poland Finds Support in the US House of Representatives For M1 Abrams Purchase

Raytheon’s LTAMDS Radar Now Lead Member Of GhostEye Family

DoD Invests Additional $14 Million in American Domestic Drone Industry

HMS Queen Elizabeth Hosts Singaporean & British Officials During Singaporean Port Visit

Iran Tests New AD-08 ‘Majid’ Short-Range Air Defense System

6 Killed In Beirut Street Clashes

PNG and Vanuatu welcome new Patrol Boats as U.S Coast Guard Patrols Samoa’s EEZ

Project 636.3 ‘Magadan’ Submarine Joins the Russian Navy

Army Delays IVAS Headset Operational Testing To May 2022

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