Weekend Briefing (30 May – 3 June)

Welcome to Overt Defense’s Weekend Briefing where we round up the week’s most exciting and important defense news. In this weekend’s issue, we cover many topics including Lithuanian TB-2 crowdfunding for Ukraine, Denmark voting to join the EU common defense policy, US HIMARS delivery to Ukraine, India signing the deal for Astra Mk1 AAM, and many more.
You can check out the complete list of articles down below.

Editorial: What Does Finish and Swedish Membership Mean For NATO?

Lithuanians Raise $5.4 Million In Three Days To Buy Ukraine An Armed Drone

500 M142 HIMARS Launchers To Modernize Polish Rocket Artillery

U.S. State Department Greenlights CH-47F Chinook Sale To Egypt

Satellite Imagery Shows a Large Number of Helicopters at Russia’s Millerovo Airbase

India Initiates Development Of Submarine Launched UAV

Philippines, Indonesia, and Japan Conclude MARPOLEX 2022

At Home COVID Outbreaks Overshadow North Korea’s Missile Tests

Airbus H145M Live Fires Spike ER2 In Romania

Phoenix Express-2022 Military Exercise Kicks Off in Tunisia

Poland Delivers Krab Self-Propelled Howitzers to Ukraine

Poland Rekindles Interest In South Korean K2 Tanks

US Plans to Sell MQ-1C Drones to Ukraine

New US Aid Package Will Deliver HIMARS, Helicopters And More Javelins To Ukraine

Sweden To Provide Robot 17 Missiles to Ukraine

Iran Releases Images of Secret “Strategic UAV Base 313”

Indian MoD Signs Contract For Astra Mk-1 AAM

Danish Citizens Vote to Join Common EU Defense Policy

Baykar Announces Donation Of TB2 Attack Drone To Ukraine

Philippine Coast Guard’s Latest Ship Arrives from Japan

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