Weekend Briefing (29 March – 2 April)

As we move from March to April we’ve seen another busy for Defense news at Overt Defense. The news of Russian troop movements in Crimea spark concerns over the possible outbreak of another conflict in the region, the government in Burma struggles with insurgents and rising opposition, and ISIS renews its offensive in Africa, causing death and terror in the city of Palma. This week we also took an in-depth look at the implications of a recent Polish wargame exercise that projected catastrophic results for the Polish forces in the event of a Russia invasion.

Burmese Rebel Groups Launches Large Attacks Against Government Bases as Post-Coup Crackdown Continues

The Kachin Independence Army has launched a coordinated series of attacks on Tatmadaw bases near the border with China as tensions rise nationally.

ROCAF F-5E Ejection Seats Under Scrutiny After Midair Collision

Following Taiwanese media scrutiny, Taiwan’s defense ministry says that it already plans to begin replacing F-5 ejection seats by the end of this year.

Royal Navy Officially Receives Madfox Autonomous Vessel

Madfox, the Maritime Demonstrator For Operational eXperimentation, has been officially delivered to NavyX, the Royal Navy Autonomy & Lethality Accelerator.

ITS Cavour Receives F-35B Flight Clearance Recommendation

The Italian carrier received the recommendation from the F-35 Joint Program Office following the successful completion of its F-35B sea trials.

AFSOC’s Newest A-29 Debuted In WW2 Air Commando Scheme

Sierra Nevada Corporation released photographs of the second of 3 A-29s ordered by AFSOC, painted in the scheme of the USAAF’s 1st Air Commando Group.

Eight Foreign Countries Send Representatives to Myanmar’s Military Parade

Representatives from Bangladesh, China, India, Laos, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand and Vietnam were present at Myanmar’s parade despite international backlash.

Bundeswehr Orders Fourth Lot Of MELLS Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

The fourth order made under a 2019 framework contract will see 666 missiles and 82 integrated command and launch units delivered between 2022 and 2024.

India and ROK Agree to Boost Defense Cooperation Following Meeting Between Defense Ministers

Between 25-27 March, South Korea’s Defense Minister visited India where he met with his Indian counterpart to discuss enhancing defense cooperation.

Russia Bombs Idlib Poultry Farms As US Calls For Humanitarian Access

The Russian airstrikes came as Secretary of State Blinken urged for greater humanitarian access to Idlib at a UNSC virtual meeting.

Italian Navy Officer Arrested for Spying for Russia

An Italian frigate captain, has been charged with disclosing military secrets and conducting military-political espionage for Russia.

Mozambique Government Falsely Claims To Have Secured Palma

Journalists flown in by the military instead saw fighting between military forces and IS-CAP fighters outside the city said to have been cleared.

Wargame Study Shows Polish Armed Forces Obliterated in Just 5 Days

The reportedly disastrous Polish wargame leaves many unanswered questions to ask, with the official outcome and conclusions still unknown to the public.

Russia Rejects Latest Donbass Ceasefire Proposal As Russian Military Vehicles Stream Into Crimea

The Russian delegation to Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine rejected a ceasefire proposal that would have started at midnight 1 April.

After Weekend Slaughter, Now Allegations Myanmar Air Force Intruding on Thai Airspace to Bomb Civilians

After a weekend that saw one hundred protestors killed in Myanmar, not that country’s Air Force is accused of using Thai airspace to bomb Karen civilians.

Australia Plans Space Command; Defends F-35

Following what seems to have become a global trend in security, Australian Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld revealed that a space command is being planned.

Australia Pledges 1 Billion AUD to Strengthen Missile Capabilities

On Wednesday March 31st, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison arevealed new plans to reinforce Australian missile capabilities.

Another Flashpoint in the South China Sea: Whitsun Reef

In recent days, tensions between China and the Philippines in the South China Sea have flared up over Chinese activities at the Whitsun reef.

Taiwan To Procure Patriot PAC3 Missile Segment Enhancement Interceptor Missiles

While a budget or amount of missiles to procure was not disclosed, they will be delivered between 2022 and 2026 if procurement is approved by lawmakers.

UK Reveals New Medium Helicopter Program

A recent House of Commons Report and an Army news release presents a plan for the future of the United Kingdom’s medium military helicopters.

Airbus Selected For Canadian Multirole Tanker Procurement

The company is offering its A330 MRTT as replacements for the CC-150 Polaris multirole transport, which itself is based on the Airbus A310.

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