Weekend Briefing (7-11 February)

Welcome to Overt Defense’s Weekend Briefing where we round up the week’s most interesting and important defense news. We continue to deliver more fascinating news from around the World regarding military technology, events and cover a multitude of interesting subjects. This week we focused on unmanned Black Hawk tests by DARPA, the Russian “Union-Courage 2022” exercises in Belarus, UK procurement of Airbus H135, the deployment of extra NATO troops to Europe, Indonesia’search for a new fighter aircraft and much more. The list of articles is available down below.

What’s been the Local Response to the Tonga Eruption?

Croatia Receives First UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopters From The US

DARPA Program Seeks to Enable Precise Time Synchronization Without GPS

US Navy’s Top Enlisted Sailor Under Investigation

Germany and Britain Deploy Additional Troops to Eastern Europe

UK Procures Airbus H135 To Replace Ageing Gazelle Helicopters

USAF Issues Request For Information On E-3 Sentry AWACS Replacement

DARPA Successfully Flight Tests Unmanned Black Hawk

US Air Force Ordered To Pay $230 Million to Sutherland Springs Shooting Victims and Families

Indonesia Orders Rafale

US State Department Approves Sale of Guided Multiple Launch Rocket Systems to Jordan

Ukraine to Receiver Lithuanian Stinger Missiles Within Days

Iran Unveils New 1,450 Kilometer Range “Kheibarshekan” Missile

Russia and Belarus Begin “Union Courage-2022” Exercise on Ukraine Border

Indonesia Approved to Buy F-15s

Anadolu Shipyard Launches Mechanized Landing Crafts (LCM) QL41 ISHAT and QL40 BROOG Built For Qatar

Argentina Order’s Saab’s RBS 70 NG Air Defense System

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