Weekend Briefing (9-13 August)

Welcome to another Weekend Briefing, where we round-up the week’s most important defense news and some of the stories that may have flown under the radar. This week at Overt Defense we covered the news that mandatory COVID-19 vaccination will be required by the U.S. military by mid-September, the US embassy withdraws from Kabul amid the Afghan national army’s collapse, Indonesia is to cease controversial ‘virginity tests as well as the U.S. Department of Defense’s concerns about climate breakdown, India testing the Nirbhay Cruise Missile, the U.S. Large Scale Exercise continues and we examine the development of the AGM-158C LRASM missile. These stories and more are rounded up below:

Mauritius Denies Reports of Plans to House Indian Base

Russian Peacekeepers Deployed To The Tavush Region On The Armenian-Azerbaijan Border

US Department of Defense Increasingly Affected by Climate Change

Russian Defense Minister Gives Update On The Su-34 Modernization & The S-70 Hunter Drone

Indonesian Army Ending ‘Virginity Tests’ For Female Recruits

Pentagon: COVID-19 Vaccine Required By Mid-September

First Phase of ASELSAN’s Swarm USV Project Albatros-S Completed

US Seeks “Joint International Response” To Taliban Advances

Nigeria and Cameroon Report Surrender of Hundreds of Boko Haram Fighters

RAAF Super Hornet Performs Arrested Landing During Talisman Sabre 21

UK Invests £9.5 Million Into Military Satellite

Biden Administration Approves M109A6 Howitzer Sale To Taiwan.

DARPA Project to Counter Superbugs Moves Forward

Biden: No Changes To Afghanistan Withdrawal Plans Despite Taliban Offensive

US Navy and Marine Corps Conducting Large Scale Exercise 2021

India Successfully Tests The Nirbhay (ITCM) Cruise Missile Developed by The DRDO

United States Army Picks SNC And General Dynamics for Next-Gen Crypto Key Loader Contracts

3,000 US Troops To Support Partial Withdrawal Of Kabul Embassy Staff

Pakistan Conducts Training Launch For Ghaznavi Surface-To-Surface Ballistic Missile

Improving the U.S Navy’s Newest Anti-ship Missile

UK To Deploy Troops For Evacuations Of Citizens, Afghan Staff

Four Killed In Apparent Murder-Suicide At Royal Malaysian Air Force Base

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