Weekend Briefing (31 May – 5 June)

This week at Overt Defense we have looked at everything from the 173rd Airborne accidentally assaulting a factory in Bulgaria, Iran losing its second largest oiler, and a second coup in Mali, to the first reported autonomus drone kill in history, the US’ new defense budget proposal was revealead and Turkey wants to build a UAV base in Northern Cyprus. This and much more in our weekly Weekend Briefing below!

Biden’s $715 billion 2022 Defense Budget Proposal Revealed

Construction of a ‘Mysterious’ Airbase on Mayun Island Near Yemen

Classified US Military Information Exposed Through Online Flash Cards

173rd Airborne Mistakenly Raids Sunflower Oil Factory During Exercise In Bulgaria

Pilot Killed In Crash During Libyan National Army Parade

Turkey Constructing A New Drone Base in Northern Cyprus

Strategic Exercise Falcon Eye 2 Has Begun

UPDATED: Malaysia To File Diplomatic Protest Following Interception Of 16 Chinese Military Aircraft

France and African Union Respond to Mali Coup

Arizona Lawmakers Voice Opposition To Proposed A-10 Fleet Cuts

The Turkish Kargu-2 Carries Out The First Autonomous Drone Attack, UN Report Says

DARPA EDGE Program Seeks to Ensure Human Situational Awareness If AI Malfunctions

India Expands Indigenization Efforts With 108-Item Import Ban List

IRIS Kharg Burns And Sinks Unexpectedly in Strait of Hormuz

Rabbis Return to German Military

Demographic Issues Effecting Chinese Military

The Russia’s Nebo-M Radar Claimed to be Capable of Tracking F-22s & F-35s

US Navy Outlines Plan to Cut 4 Littoral Combat Ships

Sudan Reviewing Russian Naval Base Agreement

Israel’s $200 Million Dollar Heron UAV Export To an Unspecified Country

Australia Receives State Department Approval For AH-64E Purchase

US Air Force Retires Its Final OC-135B Open Skies Aircraft

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