Weekend Briefing (4-8 July)

Welcome to Overt Defense’s Weekend Briefing where we round up the week’s most exciting and important defense news. In this weekend’s issue, we cover many topics including General Dynamics winning US Army MPFP, China’s new hypersonic missile tests, Poland’s Wolverine IFV modernization with ZSSW-30 turrets, crowd-funded Bayraktar drone deliveries, and many more. You can check out the complete list of articles down below.

Greek Parliament to Set Aside Budget for MQ-9s

General Dynamics’ Light Tank Wins US Army Mobile Protected Firepower Program

India Conducts First Flight Of Autonomous Flying Wing Technology Demonstrator

UK Deploys Military Experts To Bosnia and Herzegovina To Counter Russian Malign Influence

China Tests New Hypersonic Missile with Transforming Engine

Sweden And Finland Sign NATO Accession Protocols

Indian Army To Procure 800 Light Armoured Multipurpose Vehicles

Poland’s Wolverine To Undergo Modernization with ZSSW-30 Turrets

Putin Claims Victory In Luhansk As Ukraine Vows Return

KF-21 Boramae Ground Testing Videos Surface

Boris Johnson: 2.5% Defense Spending Goal Depends On Economic Growth Through 2030

Bayraktar TB2 Drone Arrives in Lithuania Ahead of Hand Over to Ukraine

Rheinmetall Demonstrates Spike Missile Integration On Lynx IFV

Irish Naval Service Disposing of Three Vessels

Russian Ambassador’s “Brazen Falsehoods” Cause Walkout At Chemical Weapons Meeting

Indian Navy Ramps Up Deployments To Partner Nations

Ukrainian Troops Raise Flag Over Snake Island

Russian Footage Contradicts Own Claims Of Ukrainian HIMARS Destruction

US Missile Launch Test Ends in Explosion

Baykar CEO “Very Impressed” By Lithuanian Solidarity In “Hawk” Fundraiser

Regulatory Changes Signal Australia’s Growing Space Ambitions

Turkey Tests Coastal Defense Version of ATMACA Anti-Ship Missile For The First Time

British Army Investigating Breach Of Twitter And YouTube Accounts

Soldiers deployed on Exercise Army Cyber Spartan take part in creating traffic for the network in order to enable the Blue and Red team to complete their tasks on the exercise. Exercise Army Cyber Spartan 5 (ACS5) is an offensive and defensive cyber exercise on a live network with the aim to attract the widest talent. Ex. ACS5 welcomes participation from across the Field Army, with units invited to form Blue teams consisting of 10 people each with up to 30 Blue Teams in total. The Blue Teams are the exercising troops and are defending and administering representatives systems and services in a military context, whilst ensuring continued access to user. The Red Team on the other hand are the opposing force (OPFOR) and their role is to attempt a series of exploits to gain access to information or disrupt normal service operation. These are the actions that the Blue Team are defending against.

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