Weekend Briefing (25-29 October)

Welcome to the Weekend Briefing, where we round up the week’s most interesting and important defence news and comment. We are closing out this month with stories gathered by our team of international writers. This week we have covered protests in Sudan, Indian ballistic missile tests, TB-2 drone use in the Donbas conflict, and we took an in-depth look Greece’s Rapidly Increasing Arms Supply and Its Impact on Turkish-Greek Tension in the Aegean Sea. Check out this week’s articles below:

US Navy Exploring Procurement Of “Tactical Surrogate Aircraft”

Bell Completes first Bahraini Viper ahead of 2022 Delivery

US Secretary of Defense Visits Georgia, Romania and Ukraine

Turkey and South Korea Sign a Declaration of Intent for Altay Tank Engine

Protests In Sudan’s Capital Against Military Coup

New RAND Report Asses China-Russia Cooperation

Iran Hopes To Purchase Helicopters and Fighter Aircraft From Russia

Kyrgyzstan Purchases Bayraktar TB2 UAVs From Turkey

British Army Vehicle Headsets Under Investigation For Hearing Risks

Ukraine’s TB-2 Performs First Missile Launch In Retaliatory Strike

Ukraine Receives Military Aid From The United States Including Anti-Tank and High-Precision Weapons

Modernized Mi-24PU1 Helicopters Are Delivered To The Armed Forces of Ukraine

India Successfully Tests The Nuclear-Capable Agni-V Ballistic Missile

US Army Contracts General Atomics-Boeing Team To Build High Energy Laser Weapon Prototype

Sri Lanka Takes Delivery of Ex-USCGC Douglas Munro

General Dynamics Teams With Epirus For Vehicle Integration Of Microwave Anti-Drone System

Royal Navy Submarine Makes Rare Visit to Australia as Australia’s Future Submarine Begins to Take Shape

Ruling Party of Bosnia’s Serb Entity Threatens To Reform Bosnian Serb Army

UK-India maiden Tri-service Exercise Konkan Shakti Concludes

US Naval Forces Central Command’s Unmanned Task Force Completes First At-Sea Exercise

Greece’s Rapidly Increasing Arms Supply and Its Impact on Turkish-Greek Tension in the Aegean Sea

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