Weekend Briefing (19 – 23 July)

Welcome to another Weekend Briefing, where we round-up the week’s most important defense news and some of the stories that may have flown under the radar. This week at Overt Defense we covered stories on the South African Defence Force’s deployment during the unrest in South Africa, more on the situation in Afghanistan, the unveiling of the new Sukhoi Checkmate jet during MAKS, India receiving new helicopters and modernized nuclear warheads finally completed for the US Navy. This and many more can be found in our round up of the stories below.

Explosive Traces Found In Pakistani Bus Explosion Investigation

US Army Conducts 8th IBCS Intercept with F-35 Integration

Violence Sees South Africa Deploy 25,000 Troops After Zuma Incarceration

Taliban Targeting Afghan Pilots

Fort Lee Virginia Announced as First Stop for Afghan Refugees

Baykar Unveils New Carrier Capable Unmanned Combat Aircraft Concept

Infrastructure and Projects Authority Report: £370M Cut From Tempest Program

Two Iranian Navy Ships Transit The English Channel

Sukhoi Unveils Checkmate “Lightweight” Stealth Fighter

Bumar May Not Meet Leopard 2PL Delivery Schedule

General Dynamics & Textron Selected For Marine Corps Reconnaissance Vehicle Prototypes

India Receives Its First MH-60Rs from the United States

US Air Force Awards Kymeta $950 Million ABMS Contract

Chinese Arms Exports Slow in 2020

CH-4 UAV returning from missile trials (source: Chinese state media Xinhua)

Belgium Military Intelligence Chief Controversially Sacked in Fallout of Conings Manhunt

Australia’s NH-90s Begin Return to Flight After Latest Grounding Incident

AlphaDogfight Trial Winner Heron Systems Acquired By Shield AI

Dassault Aviation Officially Delivers First Greek Rafale Fighter

First Upgraded W88/Mk5 Nuclear Warheads Completed After 18 Month Delay

DARPA: Autonomous Vehicles and Rare Earth Minerals

Indonesia and Thailand to Buy Korean T-50 Jet Trainer Aircraft

SASC 2022 NDAA Markups: More Money For USAF F-35 Sustainment

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