Weekend Briefing (25-April)

Welcome to Overt Defense’s Weekend Briefing where we round up the week’s most interesting and important defense news. In this weekend’s issue, we covered many topics including the German transfer of Gepard AA systems to Ukraine, E-3A Sentry replacement, the confirmation of Polish T-72s transfer to Ukraine, Dutch order of Iveco Manticore, Pentagon industry consultation on military aid for Ukraine, and many more. You can check the list of articles down below.

The Last Modernized AF-1B Skyhawk Is Delivered to The Brazilian Navy

Pentagon Launches Industry Consultation on Weapons for Ukraine

Dutch Armed Forces Order Iveco Manticore MTV

India’s TAPAS MALE UAV Inches Closer To Production

Germany To Transfer Gepard Anti-Air Systems to Ukraine, But Switzerland Blocks Ammunition Transfer

E-7 Wedgetail Selected by U.S Air Force

Australia Sends 155mm Howitzers to Ukraine

US Navy Practices Loading Tomahawk Missiles in Australia

Turkey Conducts Test-Fire With the New Aksungur UCAV During the Mavi Vatan-2022 Naval Exercise

Mauritius Inducts Two Aircraft From India

Polish Prime Minister Confirms T-72 Tanks Transfered To Ukraine

Japanese F-2s Can Now Refuel from Australian Tankers

EXCLUSIVE: HAL Successfully Integrates & Tests AASM Hammer From Tejas

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