Weekend Briefing (24-28 May)

A busy week saw us, here at Overt Defense, covering interesting news from all over the World. WeekeThis week we examined a number of equipment transfers including JF-17 fighters to Nigeria and pistols for the Russian national guard. You can check out our interview with Richard Clement, the videographer and former member of France’s Gendemerie, behind the Klaim & Djaf YouTube channel. We also covered the Belarusian hijack of a plane and the arrest of Roman Protasevich, looked at the unexpected shift in some NATO members defense policies, and the Armenia and Azerbaijan ceasefire breaches. For our full round up of this week’s news check out our list below.

The Pakistani Air Force Hands Over Three JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jets to The Nigerian Air Force

At a ceremony held in Nigeria, the Pakistan Aviation Complex officially handed over three JF-17 Thunder aircraft to the Nigerian Air Force.

Polish MoD Buys TB-2 UCAVs

The Ministry of Defense finally confirmed the purchase of a batch of 24 Turkish UCAVs equipped with AT missiles. The first batch will be delivered in 2022.

Georgia to Start Domestically Producing M4 Carbines and UAVs Next Year

Georgia announced that it will begin producing M4 rifles and UAVs next year as part of its “Defense Forces-2030” program.

Ryanair CEO Accuses Belarus Of Hijacking Airliner As Minsk Claims “Hamas Bomb Threat”

The accusation comes as Minsk made further claims about a “Hamas bomb threat” that supposedly necessitated the landing of the airliner.

Leleka-100 Model UAV’s Added to The Ukrainian Army’s Inventory

DeViRo’s Leleka-100, unmanned aircraft system (UAS) became the third domestically developed UAS technology to be officially included in the Ukrainian army.

Russian National Guard Adopts the Lebedev Pistol (MPL and MPL1)

Kalashnikov Concern has announced that the National Guard of the Russian Federation (aka Rosgvardiya) has adopted two versions of the Lebedev pistol.

Klaim & Djaf: Interview With Videographer & Former Member of France’s Gendarmerie

We speak with Richard Clement, the videographer and former member of France’s Gendemerie, behind the Klaim & Djaf YouTube channel.

Hamas Denies Belarusian “Bomb Threat” As EU Moves Towards Sanctions

The denial of Minsk’s accusations come as the EU agreed Monday to ban Belarusian airlines from EU airspace following the hijacking of Ryanair Flight FR4978.

Japan Likely to Eliminate 1% GDP Military Spending Cap

Minister of Defense Nobuo Kishi revealed that Japan will likely eliminate the 1% GDP cap which had long served as a boundary for Japanese military spending.

Iran Unveils New UAV Named “Gaza” and New Defense Systems

Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards (IRGC) unveiled a new drone named “Gaza” with a range of 2,000 kilometers at a ceremony in Iran.

Azerbaijan Accuses Armenia Of Violating Ceasefire Amidst Border Dispute

The accusation comes a day after Armenia accused Azerbaijani forces of fatally shooting an Armenian soldier in a border area disputed by the two countries.

Polish Defense Policy Shift Towards Turkey?

The idea of the Warsaw-Bukarest-Ankara axis came to life at the beginning of the former decade, but it seems to finalize now.

Iraqi Militia Leader Arrested Amidst Renewed Iraqi Youth Protests

The arrest of Qassem Musleh, the leader of the Tafuf Brigade militia, came shortly after the start of youth protests against militia impunity in Baghdad.

Turkey’s ALKA Weapon System Entering Mass Production

The ALKA Directed Energy Weapon System (YESS), which was originally displayed at the 14th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF).

Rolls-Royce Opens Testbed 80 – A New £90m Jet Engine Test Facility

Rolls Royce Opens Testbed 80 - A New £90m Jet Engine Test Facility
Rolls-Royce has just opened the largest aviation powerplant testbed facility of its kind in the world – Testbed 80 an industrial radiology facility.

Bundeswehr Body Armor and Soldier Systems: Past, Present, and Future

The Bundeswehr’s search for a next-generation body armor system to replace almost all varieties in service is finally coming to an end.

Australia Reveals Space Division Plans

Following vague statements in March, more concrete information about Australia’s future military space unit have become available in May.

From Russia With Love – MBTs and APCs Delivered to Serbia

A total of 30 new T-72 modernized tanks will allow the Serbs to field an additional tank battalion and BRDMs will replace the old model still in service.