Weekend Briefing (17-21 May)

This week was very busy at Overt Defense. We covered a range of topics, ranging from the conflict in Israel to new technology developments including the palletization of JASSMs and a number of significant arms procurements. This week saw the US approval of Turkish helicopter sales to Philippines, Chinese activity on Indian border, coverage of the Berlin security conference, Ukrainian artillery drills in Poland, and much more. Check out our weekly list of articles below:

13 Countries to Participate in Phoenix Express Naval Exercise

Tunisia will be hosting the Phoenix Express, a naval exercise that will take place between May 16 and May 28 in collaboration with the US African Command.

USAF Cargo Aircraft Palletized Munitions Program Now “Rapid Dragon”

The program aims to explore the deployment of palletized JASSMs and other long range munitions from the USAF’s current transport aircraft.

General Electric’s “Transformational” Adaptive Cycle Jet Engine Completes Testing

The company says that the tests prove the XA100 adaptive cycle engine’s ability to deliver a “generational” leap in performance over current jet engines.

Ukrainian Artillery Takes Part in NATO Exercise in Poland

Dynamic Front 21 is a multinational exercise that aims to improve readiness and interoperability through joint exercises in a multinational setting.

Pilots Eject From F-15QA After Runway Incident At Illinois Airport

The two active duty American pilots suffered minor injuries, after ejecting when the fighter departed the runway after landing.

Latest On UK Army Ranger Regiment

A plan to stand-up a new Tier 2 special operations unit within a new SOF brigade was announced as part of the UK’s defense integrated review.

Five Candidates For SOCOM Armed Overwatch To Be Trialed In June

Aircraft from Leidos, Sierra Nevada Corporation, MAG Aerospace, L3Harris and Textron will be tested at Eglin Air Force Base from June 14 to July 23.

The US Approves The Sale of Attack Helicopters from Turkey to the Philippines

In December 2018, the Philippines selected the T-129 ATAK Helicopter produced in Turkey, deliveries can now finally take place.

Australia Buying M1A2 SEPv3 Tanks, new Drones and Chinooks

The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has approved the export of a package of armoured platforms, helicopters and drones.

US Department of Defense Claims Progress on Acquisition Reform

The Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment spoke of major leaps being made to improve DoD acquisition programs.

British Army’s SA80A3 with NEW M-LOK Forend Spotted in the Wild

The British Army’s latest upgrade to the SA80 rifle, the L85A3 has received a new upgrade – with a new redesigned M-LOK forend.

New Chinese Activity Near Border with India

Recent training exercises and new weapon deliveries to Chinese forces in the region may serve to reignite tensions on the mountainous Indo-Chinese border.

Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Agreed, To Be Monitored By Egypt

An Egyptian proposal accepted by Israel and Hamas will see a “mutual” end to the past 11 days of fighting at 2:00 AM Friday.

Tunisian Air Force Buys ANKA-S Model UAV’s from Turkey

The ANKA UAV export talks between Turkey and Tunisia, which had been ongoing for nearly two years, have now come to an end.

Russian Defense Ministry Approves Existing Mi-28 Helicopters to Be Upgraded to The Mi-28NM Standard

The upgraded Mi-28NM attack helicopters have been fitted with modern weapon systems as part of the modernization program.

Berlin Security Conference: Commanding Generals Discuss Readiness of Joint Land Forces in Europe

The Berlin Security Conference hosted a panel to discuss issues of readiness and availability regarding land forces in a joint and combined environment.

ZSSW-30 Remote Turret ATGM Launch Trials Successful and Declassified

The Polish Remote Turret System ZSSW-30 underwent successful winter trials. The turret is able to launch Spike-LR ATGMs providing new capabilities to IFVs.

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