Weekend Briefing (31 October – 4 November)

Welcome to Overt Defense’s Weekend Briefing where we round up the week’s most interesting and important defense news. In this weekend’s issue, we cover US F-15 replacement in the Far East, AS21 “Redback” on trials in Poland, lots of coverage from the latest defense expositions, a look at the Vigilant Storm exercises, India’s latest ballistic missile interceptor launch, and much more. You can check out all of this week’s articles down below.

US Air Force Replacing F-15s Squadrons in Japan With More Modern Aircraft

AOC 2022: Censys Technologies Debut Slayer Kinetic Killer C-UAS Drone

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards’ Newest Meraj-521 Kamikaze Drone Is On Its Way To Russia

SAHA EXPO 2022: HAVELSAN Exhibits its KAPGAN Armed Unmanned Ground Vehicle For The First Time

DefExpo 2022: Indian Army Unveils “Karn Kavach” & Multiple AI Enabled Solutions

US Releases 2022 National Defense Strategy

Hanwha AS-21 “Redback” Enters Trials In Poland

Vigilant Storm Air Exercises Continue Amid North Korean Missile Launches and a Period of Mourning in South Korea

UK Parliament Committee Publishes Highly Critical Report on British Space Defense

SAHA EXPO 2022: Alpagut Loitering Munition System Being Developed By ROKETSAN And STM

US Fast-tracking Upgrade of its Nuclear Arsenal In Europe

U.S. Marines Strengthen Interoperability with Philippine Counterparts at KAMANDAG 6

India Conducts Maiden Test Of AD-1 Ballistic Missile Interceptor

SAHA EXPO 2022: Turkey’s New DELİ Kamikaze Drone Unveiled

U.S. Navy Conducts Launch of the Last Remaining AQM-37D

Ukrainian Crowd Funding Effort Successfully Raises Funds to Buy 60 British Spartan APCs

Bell Textron To Supply The Royal Jordanian Air Force With 10 Bell 505 Training Helicopters

Bulgaria Struggles With MiG-29 Fleet Maintenance, Asks Poland For Aid

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