Weekend Briefing (26-30 April)

This week brought us more interesting military affairs news from around the World. The hunt for Indonesia’s lost submarine, the Nanggala, came to a tragic conclusion, French troops will train in Japan for a historic first time and the US Navy responded with warning shots towards harassing Iranian vessels in the Gulf. Elsewhere, clashes on the Kyrgyz-Tajik Border, concerns sparked over possible budget cuts in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program and the US Army deployed the new M-SHORAD Air Defense System for the first time. This and more can be found in our weekly weekend briefing.

In Historic First, French Troops Will Train in Japan

Indian and French Navy Conducting Bilateral Exercise In The Arabian Sea

Missing Submarine KRI Nanggala Declared Lost With All Hands After Wreckage Found

Iran Unveils New Defense and Combat Equipment

General Townsend: “Africa Too Important to Ignore”

Congress May Cut F-35 Purchase Due To High Costs

US Army Deploys New M-SHORAD Air Defense System

Turkey’s ULAQ Getting Ready For Fire Tests

New Japanese Diplomatic Bluebook Shows Significantly More Concern About China than Earlier Editions

US Government Accountability Office Identifies Ways to Improve DoD Business Operations

Warning Shots Fired By US Navy In Response To IRGC Navy Harassment

Australia Announces Another $580 Million for Defense

Brazil to Develop Their Own UAV

Apptronik to Demonstrate Munition-Lifting Robot Arm for US Army

Ceasefire Declared Following Deadly Kyrgyz-Tajik Border Clashes

Zumwalt Destroyers to Become First US Ships Armed with Hypersonic Weapons

France to Impose Sanctions on Soldiers Supporting Far-Right Letter

Court Upholds Legal Challenge to DoD JEDI Contract

Nigerian President Calls For USAFRICOM To Consider Relocating To Africa

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