Weekend Briefing (28 June – 2 July)

The week between June and July saw us cover a range of subjects and stories. Among them we focused on US airstrikes in Syria and Iraq, the Swiss choice of the F-35A, the crash of a Belgian F-16, the ISAF draw down in Afghanistan, the Bundeswehr’s record budget approval and the purchase of P-8 Poseidon by the German Navy and much more! Check out this week’s most important stories down below.

Five Pakistani Soldiers Killed In Balochistan As a Result of a Terrorist Attack

US Airstrikes On Iranian-Backed Militia Targets In Syria And Iraq

Air Force Research Laboratory Retires Largest Self Supporting Satellite

The Sea Breeze 2021 Exercise Hosted By Ukraine Begins In The Black Sea

Two Suspects Detained Following Apparent Drone Attack On Indian Air Force Station

Huawei Employee Trial Unfolds in Poland

Tigrayan Rebels Retake Tigray Capital Following Ceasefire Declaration

The Netherlands Releases Photographs Of “Unsafe” Harassment Of Frigate

India Tests Next-Generation Agni P Guided Missile Capable of Carrying Nuclear Warheads

Little Experience and No Aircraft Replenishment Hits Russian Air Force

Swiss Federal Council Selects F-35A For Next Swiss Fighter

Two Injured In Belgian F-16 Startup Incident At Dutch Air Base

Australia to Arm PNG’s New Patrol Boats

“Impacts of Noise” Result In Suspension Of Ajax Vehicle Trials

Rafael Unveils A New Long-Range Missile Called Sea Breaker

Contract Signed For German P-8 Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft Buy

Record Budget for Bundeswehr Approved

Russia Reinforces Kaliningrad District

“Forward” US Forces To Be Present In Afghanistan Following Withdrawal By End Of August

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