Rafael Unveils A New Long-Range Missile Called Sea Breaker

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveiled the Sea Breaker, a new 5th generation long-range precision missile that can be launched from ships and land-based systems and can destroy targets up to 300 kilometers away. The new Sea Breaker missile from Rafael also includes a collapsible main wing. However, little information was provided about its size, other than that it has a maximum engagement range of 300 kilometers and weighs 250 pounds without the warhead.

“Sea Breaker was developed in order to fill an operational gap in maritime dominance and deep land strike systems ‒ all in a single platform,” Rafael’s website states. According to information given by Rafael, the Sea Breaker system can be launched from missile boats, corvettes, and frigates, as well as from land-based SPYDER launchers. The system also has an IIR, Infra-Red seeker that allows it to hit stationary or moving targets in any weather, day or night.

The Sea Breaker Missile / From Rafael’s official website

Sea breaker utilizes Rafael’s technological innovations such as electro-optics, artificial intelligence, and decision-making algorithms for-full operational capability in Global navigation satellite system-denied environments for maritime superiority missions. Rafael also stated that a single hit from the Sea Breaker could destroy a frigate-sized ship indicating significant capability.

According to Rafael, the missile can autonomously identify and track targets using technologies such as artificial intelligence, deep learning, and big data-based scene matching. It also contains a data connection support system, which helps the operator to make tactical decisions and keep up with the latest information. The Sea Breaker also features a mid-flight cancel feature as well as a combat damage rating, allowing operators to see the target after the missile has been fired.

The missile is depicted destroying a Soviet-made missile corvette in the animation that debuts the Sea Breaker. The destruction of the missile boat, with the tail number 962, is depicted in an animated video on Rafael’s website. The ship known as Missile Corvette R-71 Shuya was launched in 1983 and was identified as a part of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet, according to open data.