British Army Awards RBSL £860 Million Contract for Boxers

Rheinmetall BAE Systems Land (RBSL) has been awarded the contract to manufacture 260 Boxer 8×8 Mechanized Infantry Vehicles (MIV) for the British Army. The vehicles are the first of an expected total of 500 that are to equip new STRIKE Brigades and is part of a £2.3 billion ($3 bn) contract signed last year.

The vehicles will be built at RBSL’s facility in Telford, Shropshire and is stated to be worth about £860 million (€960 million or $1.1 billion). RBSL further states that the contract will create and sustain over 200 skilled jobs in and around Telford, with the complete programme creating and sustaining more than 1,000 jobs nationally.

Speaking of the deal, Dr Marco Nöding, RBSL Managing Director, said:

I feel proud that RBSL has the opportunity to support British industry by working with UK-based suppliers – especially given the extraordinary circumstances the UK faces as a result of COVID-19. The next step for us is to formalise our community of suppliers and ensure the British Army receives their new vehicles manufactured to the highest standards.

The Boxer’s inclusion into the British AFV fleet is welcome. A state-of-the-art wheeled armoured vehicle with good mobility and protection features, its design allows for Mission Module configuration, improving the vehicle’s flexibility. Along with AJAX, they will replace the ancient FV432 still in service.

To date more than 800 vehicles in various configurations have been supplied to, or ordered by Germany, the Netherlands, Lithuania and Australia. The Australian armed forces are introducing the Boxer under the Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle (CRV) project.

The British Boxer’s will be built in a variety of versions, with infantry carriers, command vehicles, ambulances and a specialist carrier going into service. Initial deployment is expected in 2023.