India Approves Procurements Worth $10 Billion Including Light Tanks, FICV And Pralay Ballistic Missiles

India’s Defence Acquisition Council (DAC), headed by defence minister Rajnath Singh granted approval for Acceptance of Necessity (AoN) for 24 acquisition proposals on 22 December. These proposals include six for the Indian Army, six for the Indian Air Force (IAF), 10 for the Indian Navy and two for the Indian Coast Guard (ICG).

The total value of the 24 projects amounts to ₹84,328 crore, of which 21 proposals worth ₹82,127 crore are approved for procurement from indigenous sources. ($1 billion is about ₹8200 crore)

The major Indian Army proposals which were accorded AoN are Future Infantry Combat Vehicles (FICV), Light Tanks, Mounted Gun System (MGS) and ballistic helmets according to a MoD press release. 

About 120 Pralay tactical ballistic missiles are set to be procured for the Indian Army and IAF. The missile can deliver a wide range of warheads to a range of up to 500kms. More such missiles are expected to be procured later.

480 FICVs will be procured initially for ₹20,000 crore. The Army will progressively replace its fleet of over 2,000 BMP-2s with the FICV. Overt Defense has a detailed report on Indian Army’s Project Zorawar and DRDO’s Light Tank meant to cater to the requirement. AoN has now been granted to procure 354 light tanks for ₹17,500 crore. The 300 MGS will cost ₹7,500 crore and will have 155/52 guns mounted on 8×8 trucks. DRDO had displayed its version of MGS based on the ATAGS howitzer during DefExpo 2022.

IAF has obtained permissison to induct a “new range of missile systems” expected to be the Rudram series, Long Range Guided Bombs, Range Augmentation Kit for conventional bombs and advanced surveillance systems.

Approvals were granted for procurement of Naval Anti-Ship Missiles (NASM), Multi-Purpose Vessels (MPV) and High Endurance Autonomous Vehicles (HEAUV) by the Indian Navy. Two MPVs were ordered in March from Larsen and Toubro. Additional MPVs will be procured and will conduct a wide range of missions including minesweeping. Indian Navy’s efforts to acquire 12 MCMVs has effectively stalled with the Navy turning to alternatives.

The ICG’s proposal for acquiring Next Generation Offshore Patrol Vessels has also been approved.

Cover Image: DRDO Mounted Gun System (MGS) (Adithya)