Weekend Briefing (5-10 April)

The second week of April has seen Russia move to expand its influence in Asia and ramp tensions in Ukraine. South Korea have Unveil its new KF-21 multirole jet and the conflict between China and Taiwan escalates once more over the Whitsun Reef. These and many more stories can be found in our latest Weekend Briefing.

Russia To Train Lao Troops and Build Military Airport in Laos

A recent report by Radio Free Asia (RFA) revealed a new Russian project in Laos: a military airport in the Xieng Khouang region.

Nyutabaru Air Base To Host JASDF “Trump Card” F-35Bs

The air base in Miyazaki Prefecture is expected to begin operations of the STOVL fighters described as island defense “trump cards” in 2024.

Taiwanese Defense Ministry Admits European Involvement in Submarine Project

“In the development of our submarines […] assistance is all provided by important countries in Europe and the United States.”

KAMS to Upgrade Norwegian F-16 Fighters

If the Norwegians manage to find a potential buyer for their old fleet of F-16s, KAMS workshops will have plenty of work to do on the upgrades.

The United States React to Tense Situation in Ukraine

The United States reaction to Russian build up exceeds simple words of assurance with numerous flights of USAF C-17s to Kyiv.

DIA Announces Breakthrough in AI-focused MARS Project

The DIA announced that another major milestone for the development of the Machine-assisted Analytic Rapid-repository System (MARS) has just been met.

Sudden Increase of Russian Activity in the Arctic

The surge of the Russian military into the Arctic is significant and it is noticed with The Kotelny Island and the Alexandra Land become hubs for new units.

South Korea Wants to Rapidly Expand Its Helicopter Numbers

A potential contract for $2.8 billion may attract many companies to participate in the tender including Boeing and Bell Aircraft Corp.

USAF Considers Arming Cargo Planes and Tankers With A2A Defenses

The defense of high-value planes becomes a necessity as they become prone to interception by enemy fighters. USAF looking at arming tankers & cargo planes.

Biden Administration to Relocate Patriot Missiles From Middle East

The relocation of Patriots will come at a price in terms of relations with the Saudis which are already undermined by previous White House decisions.

Saudi Arabia Wants More Blackhawks

Previously some of the UH-60M helicopters were delivered to the Special Operation Forces of Saudi Arabia. Yet, Saudis seek even more aircraft from the US.

Poland Arrests Corrupt Military Officers

A total of nine men were arrested by the Polish Military Police and the Central Anticorruption Bureau on charges of corruption.

DARPA Hopes to Quantify Impact of Quantum Computers

DARPA announced a new program seeking to benchmark the progress of quantum computing and thereby better understand where progress stands and should go next.

Russia Seeks Closer Defense Cooperation With Vietnam

Russian influence in Indochina remains significant with Moscow seeking to maintain its partnerships. The Kremlin is aiming to counter China in the region

French Army Tests Robots in Combat Scenarios

On 30-31 March, the French Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan military academy ran tests employing various robots alongside French troops.

South Korea’s KF-X Officially Named The KF-21 Boramae

South Korea’s first indigenous fighter is named after its role as a 21st century fighter for the Republic of Korea Air Force.

Taiwan and Whitsun Reef Crisis Escalates Further

Chinese vessels have continued to violate Philippine waters while the PRC’s armed forces intensified their air and sea operations around Taiwan.

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