Weekend Briefing

It has been another busy week full of defense news, in this new series of Weekend Briefings we’ll round up all of the latest, most important and interesting defense stories of the week. Everything ranging from crushing reports on procurement failures to live fire accidents involving some unlucky Italian chickens.

South Korea and US Reach Cost-Sharing Agreement, Conduct Annual Exercises

As a deal which includes a 14% increase in South Korean payments for the US deployment to their country is revealed, annual exercises are underway.

UK Defence Committee Report Condemns ‘Deplorable’ British Army Armored Vehicle Procurement

The Committee’s inquiry has found that the British Army’s core procurement program has near totally failed to deliver between 1997 and late 2020.

Taiwan Announces Plans to Expand Missile Defenses

According to a local Taiwanese report, the ROC government has disclosed plans to construct a high-altitude ballistic missile defense network.

Human Rights Groups File Lawsuit Against Wagner PMC Over Torture And Killing Of Syrian Civilian

The three non-governmental organizations helped the brother of Muhammad “Hamdi Bouta” Taha al-Abdullah file a lawsuit in Moscow.

Congressional Research Service Published Updated Report on Chinese Navy Modernization

On March 9th, the Congressional Research Service published an updated version of its report on Chinese naval modernization.

Global Force Next: US Army Outlines Next Generation Vehicle Priorities: OMFV, RCV & AMPV

OMFV now aims to allow more innovation from industry, while operational testing for the AMPV will now start in January next year following COVID-19 delays.

Japan’s Last F-4 Phantom IIs Retire, Ending 50 Years of Service

The Air Development & Test Wing’s last F-4s flew for the last time today., with Iruma Air Base’s Flight Check Squadron retiring its YS-11 as well.

US Army Releases New Strategy For the Arctic

On March 16th, the US Army released the unclassified version of a document titled “Regaining Arctic Dominance: The U.S. Army in the Arctic”.

US Navy Reveals Unmanned Campaign Framework

The US Navy has just released a document titled “Department of the Navy Unmanned Campaign Framework” which outlines the future of unmanned tech in the navy.

China Warns Weibo Military Enthusiasts Of Alleged “Leaks”

A PLA Weibo account has urged military enthusiasts on the platform to not leak “classified information”, after several users were supposedly suspended.

Raytheon Debuts OMFV Lynx Artificial Intelligence And Digital Design Concepts

The company says that its contender for the Bradley replacement will feature an AI “third crew member” as the starting point for vehicle automation

Sukhoi & MiG To Merge In United Aircraft Corporation Reorganization

While the two tactical aircraft makers will cease to be independent companies, Rostec says their design teams will remain independent.

INTERVIEW: Raytheon Share Details on New Stinger/Javelin LWCLU Integration

We spoke to Raytheon about their successful test fire of a Stinger missile integrated with the next-generation a Javelin Lightweight Command Launch Unit.

Italian Night Training “Fowl-Up” Results In Dead Farm Chickens

Italian Army B1 Centauros on exercise are suspected of mistakenly firing on a chicken farm, damaging two barns and killing around 50 chickens.

DARPA Announces New Domestic Microchip Production Program

DARPA just announced its Structured Array Hardware for Automatically Realized Applications (SAHARA) program aimed at microchip manufacturing and security.

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