Breaking: Sweden To Send Ukraine CV-90s and Archers

The Swedish Ministry of Defense announced in a statement that it will transfer 50 modern CV-90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine along with 12 Archer Self-Proppeled Howitzers. This is yet another declaration of heavy equipment deliveries after the UK decision to transfer Challenger 2 Main Battle Tanks and AS-90 self-propelled howitzers. Sweden has been actively participating in armament deliveries to Ukraine since the beginning of the war, sending anti-tank weapons, including the now famous NLAW missiles, and other pieces of equipment crucial for the Ukraine Armed Forces in the field.

The Swedish Ministry of Defense said:

“The package consists partly of a procurement collaboration, partly of an assignment to the Swedish Armed Forces to prepare the transfer of the Archer artillery system and partly of the largest package of defense equipment to date. It consists of, among other things, grenade launchers with ammunition, anti-tank rounds, automatic rifles and mine clearance equipment, combat vehicles 90 (CV 90) with ammunition and Robot 57 (NLAW) to a value of SEK 4.3 billion.”

The CV-90 is an infantry fighting vehicle manufactured by BAE Systems and remains the main IFV within the Swedish Armed Forces but is also used by a number of European countries. It utilizes Bushmaster III 35mm chain autocannon able to use modern armor-piercing ammunition. Swedish CV-90s will complement Marders and Bradleys in the ranks of Ukrainian mechanized and armored brigades, the main fighting component of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Archer SPH gifted alongside the CV90s is one of the most modern artillery systems in the world, it is equipped with a Swedish FH-77 155mm howitzer. Ukraine is in desperate need of such systems, thus 12 vehicles able to utilize NATO ammunition are huge aid, not to mention the possibility to exploit Excalibur munitions. It is worth mentioning that another Scandinavian state, Denmark, has also decided to send its advanced Caesar artillery systems to Ukraine.

Cover picture by Jorchr under CC-BY 3.0 License.