BREAKING: German Minister Of Defense Lambrecht Resigns

This morning Germany’s Minister of Defense, Christine Lambrecht, resigned from her post. The decision comes after a short consideration, in the midst of a discussion of transferring German main battle tanks to Ukraine. The reason claimed by Lambrecht is “the media focus on her ministry that disrupted her work for the Bundeswehr and undertaking decisions in the national defense policy”. Yet, public feeling towards Lambrecht has soured with complaints about her poor public relations management. Especially in the wake of her ill-judged New Year’s message video where she described the war as an “exciting professional experience” against a backdrop of fireworks and firecrackers. Germany’s opposition quickly condemned the tone deaf video.

Lambrecht began her work in the German Ministry of Defense after the SPD won the parliamentary elections back in 2021. She was put in a difficult position as the state of Bundeswehr has been dire for years. The German military’s lack of personal equipment, aging major weapon systems and long running financial cuts were not helped by a politician without previous experience with military.

Christine Lambrecht said in her resignation letter, that:

“Unfortunately, I can no longer live up to this claim. The month-long focus on my person superimposes our common mission: the security of our country. 
And it has meant that the tasks we face at the turn of the century no longer prevail.”

Lambrecht encountered criticism aimed at her management of the ministry amid the War in Ukraine. The pressure, in regards to arm deliveries to Ukraine, coming from multiple directions, both national and international, seems to be the last straw.

The successor of Minister Lambrecht has not yet been announced by the Chancellor Scholz, who has also roundly been criticized for what many consider an overly cautious approach to aiding Ukraine, an announcement is expected in the coming days. Whoever replaces Lambrecht faces an uphill challenge both at home and abroad.