“Remember Bucha, Irpin, Mariupol” – Polish Journalist Launches TB2 Fundraiser

Polish journalist Sławomir Sierakowski announced on Tuesday that he had launched a fundraiser for the purchase of a TB2 armed drone for Ukraine’s armed forces. The fundraiser aims to raise 22.5 million Polish zloty (~$5 million) for the purchase of the drone within 30 days.

Within 12 hours of the start of the fundraiser, Sierakowski reported that over 330,000 zlotys had already been donated by 4,000 donors. While he said that he had faith that the “extremely ambitious” fundraiser would succeed, any funds raised would still be donated to the bank account of Ukraine’s armed forces at the National Bank of Ukraine should the amount fall short of the goal. Similarly, any surplus funds raised would also be donated. 

The fundraiser is being hosted by Polish crowdfunding website Zrzutka.pl, with the site saying that it will not collect commissions on donations or withdrawals alike, in line with its existing fundraising policies.

Sierakowski has consulted with Laisves TV due to the Lithuanian media outlet’s experience with a successful $5 million fundraiser for a TB2, saying that the success of the Lithuanian fundraiser in just three days despite a population ten times smaller than Poland’s also proved that raising the money was feasible. In a message shared by Sierakowski, Laisves TV presenter Andrius Tapinas said that he was very happy to learn of the launch of the fundraiser, adding that working together would ensure its success.

The official launch of Sierakowski’s fundraiser comes shortly after TB2 manufacturer Baykar announced that it would be donating three TB2 drones to Ukraine’s military, after a fundraiser by Ukrainian comedian-turned-politician Serhiy Prytula successfully raised $20 million for their purchase in three days. Baykar had also announced that it would be donating a TB2 following the success of the Laisves TV fundraiser, with Laisves subsequently stating that the funds it had collected would be used to purchase munitions for the TB2 and other equipment needed by the Ukrainian military to continue defending against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.