Polish ‘Warmate’ Loitering Munitions Delivered To Indian Army

Polish firm WB Electronics has completed delivery of Warmate loitering munitions to the Indian Armed Forces. This was reported by Vayu Aerospace Review, a leading Indian defence magazine. Warmate joins a number of Indian and Israeli unmanned systems purchased by the Indian armed forces in recent months.

In March 2020, the Indian Army had released a Request for Information (RfI) to procure about 100 man portable loitering munitions. The RfI mandated a minimum range of 15kms, endurance of 30 minutes and a total maximum weight of 20 kg. A Request for Proposal (RfP) was released later that year. The order had to be completed within 18 months from signing. Warmate is likely to have been selected for this requirement. WB Electronics had started an Indian subsidiary named WB Electronics India Private Limited in October 2020. WB Electronics and the Indian entity did not respond to requests for comments. 

Warmate, which is propelled by an electric motor, can be used as a self-contained system, which can be transported or carried by land or special forces units. The system design also permits its installation on vehicles. The munition is marketed as an alternative for anti-tank guided missiles. Optionally the system can be equipped with a laser-seeking warhead, other than the choice of high explosive and thermobaric warheads. The system is compatible with three different interchangeable warheads and can be equipped with either a daylight or infrared camera. An air-launched version of Warmate is also under development. Warmate has been ordered by Poland and multiple export customers.

Z Motion Autonomous Systems Trinetra

For the Indian Army, Warmate joins a small but growing list of drones and loitering munitions ordered over the past couple of years. In 2021, the Army had placed orders for 100 Elbit Skystriker loitering munitions, which would involve manufacturing in India. A similar quantity of swarm-capable armed drones made by Indian firm NewSpace Research and Technologies were also ordered. Multiple other Army requirements for loitering munitions are also known. Indian defence manufacturer Solar Group has tested loitering munitions in association with Z Motion Autonomous Systems, a startup. This included Trinetra, a loitering munition in the same category as Warmate. With focus being given to indigenous equipment by India’s Ministry of Defence, securing further orders for Warmate may prove elusive.