SERDAR: A Joint Ukrainian-Turkish ATGM Announced But Will Either Country Adopt It?

Recently, UkrOboronProm, Ukraine’s primary defense export organization announced the creation of the new SERDAR anti-tank missile (ATGM) system in conjunction with Turkey’s Aselsan. The SERDAR system mounts two Ukrainian “Skif” anti-tank missiles on an advanced launching post.

The system was developed for a ‘foreign customer’, who as of yet remains unknown. However, the technical characteristics and design of the SERDAR system are very close to that of Russia’s Kornet-D, so it’s likely that the customer has political reasons not to buy the similar system from Russia, instead asking Ukraine and Turkey to develop a rough analogue. Ukrainian industry provided the missiles and missile electronics and Aselsan provided the imaging and tracking electronics for the firing post.

Compared to the Russian system, SERDAR is less capable, mounting fewer missiles with shorter range. With the standard 130mm “Skif” missiles, the range is only 5km. The range can be extended by mounting 152mm missiles on the firing post, but this brings the range only out to 5.5km. Comparatively, the Russian Kornet-M has a range out to 8 km. The caliber and characteristics of the 152mm missile suggest that it’s a rough clone of the original Kornet, which also has a diameter of 152mm and have a range of 5.5km.

A promo video for the new system

However, SERDAR adds some capability versus the Kornet-D system, though the value is questionable. SERDAR mounts a 12.7 and 7.62 machine guns in addition to the missiles, providing the launching post with the ability to defend itself against infantry. However, as such a platform should be used from standoff to offset the “soft” nature of its mount, the likelihood of requiring infantry defense if properly employed is minimal.

Both the Ukrainian and Turkish militaries are said to be interested in producing the SERDAR system. For Ukraine it would be a good modern replacement for their BRDM-2 9P148 ATGM carriers. Turkey, on the other hand, is known to operate American TOWs, Russian Kornets, and is developing their own OMTAS medium range anti-tank guided missile. However, for SERDAR, the OMTAS was not considered to be developmentally ready or the 4km range of the OMTAS was not deemed sufficient and as a result the Ukrainian missile was preferred.

Regardless, SERDAR is heralding increased Ukrainian-Turkish defense cooperation in the near future.