Saab Open To Customer Modifications For MSHORAD

Saab conducted the first Mobile Short-Range Air Defence (MSHORAD) live system firing on August 30, the Swedish company announced on 5 September. The firing was witnessed by potential customers from 15 nations.

A total of five successful firings were performed from the RBS 70 NG Mobile Firing Unit on the MARS-S330 vehicle against a variety of targets, including a DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone and an elevated AS365 N3 helicopter airframe. During one firing scenario the vehicle mounted sight was taken off and reconfigured as a man portable firing unit. A nighttime firing was also conducted against a towed aerial target.

In response to a query by Overt Defense, Saab refused to identify customers but stated that:

“…we have had interest expressed by countries who would be new users of a Saab GBAD system, as well as from amongst our existing customer base of RBS 70 in its MANPAD configuration. The nations represented were drawn from around the world, with both NATO and non-NATO attendees.”

Saab’s MSHORAD is a mobile vehicle-integrated solution that can identify, counter and neutralise air threats. The system consists of the Mobile Radar Unit, using the Giraffe 1X radar and the Mobile Firing Unit which can carry and fire three RBS 70 NG missiles. Saab’s GBAD C2 provides local air picture compilation, threat evaluation and other assignments.

Saab MSHORAD (Saab)

Responding to a question by Overt Defense on potential alternatives for the GBAD C2 if required by the customer, Saab stated that the GBAD C2 is the first choice for their turnkey solutions. However, Saab is open to providing sub-components such as sensors and effectors for integration into other C2-systems. Saab elaborated that in such a case, it would “provide ICDs (interface descriptions) and support (man hours) in order to facilitate a smooth integration.” Saab exuded confidence in their experience in providing such sensor solutions.

Currently the Mobile Radar Unit and Mobile Firing Unit are mounted on separate vehicles. Saab did not rule out the possibility of a single vehicle configuration in the future, stating to Overt Defense that the systems in the Saab MSHORAD solution can be integrated in different configurations and are dependent on customer requirements. More missiles could also be carried by the Mobile Firing Unit.