[Enforce Tac 2022] Swiss Aerobotics AG: Tangled Drones

One of the overarching themes of Enforcer Tac 2022 was how to deal with drones, especially how to defend against them. Swiss Aerobotics AG has an interesting offer in this direction. The Deinopsys line of net throwers.

This is a very compact device that can neutralize enemy drones with a net of high-performance fiber, reaching as far 40 meters. It gets caught in the drone’s rotor blades and causes it to crash. However, if desired, the system can also be equipped with a tether, which enables the flying object to be recovered later or even with a parachute to reduce the damage to the drone when it falls to the ground.

The big advantage of the Deinopsys is that it spreads its net without the use of explosives, making it much easier to handle and deploy.

Due to the systems low weight, it is also possible to install it on your own drones so that they can act as interceptors. But there is already a variant for personal use. This consists of a buttstock with pistol-grip and three net tubes, giving the shooter multiple attempts at countering drones.

The latest project, which is still under development, is a fixed-wing drone. In the event of an alarm, it will be shot out of a previously positioned tube and, after reaching its destination, can independently locate the threat and neutralize it.

The Deinopsys Arrow – tube launched drone interceptor system (Alexander Straube)

The primary application of this technology would probably be airports and other sensitive parts of the infrastructure where a fast response time is important, but the risk of the drone crashing into a building or even people is very low.

The biggest weakness that this system still has is the legal situation of potential injury. By systematically disabling a drone, it becomes a source of danger for those near by, as it falls to the ground. In addition, since there is still a lack of laws and jurisprudence surrounding the use of drones and methods of intercepting them, most authorities are very reluctant to use anti-drone measures. However, as their importance continues to increase, this gap is likely to be closed quickly. When this happens, Swiss Aerobotics AG has a very innovative and interesting concept ready.

Alexander Straube is a German freelance writer, chief editor of FIPS and author of the book on the German gun debate.