Roketsan Delivers The First Batch of TRG-300 Tiger Missile Systems To Bangladesh

The Bangladesh Ministry of Defense announced the delivery of the first batch of Roketsan’s TRG-300 Tiger missiles with a ceremony this week. The Bangladesh Army has already received two TRG-300 batteries and will receive a third before the end of the year.

“I believe this modern system will strengthen the Bangladesh Army and boost the mental strength and confidence of the army personnel,” Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said at the ceremony about the TRG-300 Tiger Missile System.

In March, Bangladesh announced its intention to buy TRG-300’s from Turkey, and Chief of Staff Aziz Ahmed had announced that talks between the two nations had come to a close, and Ankara would deliver the systems in June. According to the media wing of the Bangladesh Armed Forces, Inter Service Public Relations (ISPR), on April 26, 2021, 41 Bangladeshi soldiers who had been in Turkey for TRG-300 Kaplan training returned to Bangladesh.

AK Abdul Momen, Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister, said: “Turkey, a NATO member, manufactures standardized military equipment at affordable prices. We purchase it because of its high quality. We’ve lately made a number of purchases for UN peacekeeping missions and other purposes, and we’ll maintain doing so in the future.” Bangladesh, which imported $60 million worth of weapons from Turkey in the first quarter of 2021, is Turkey’s fourth-largest export market.

According to Roketsan, the TRG-300 TIGER Missile produces effective firepower on high priority targets at a range of 20 – 120km. The Tiger Missile can be launched from a variety of platforms that are compatible with Roketsan’s K+ Weapon System and Multi-Purpose Rocket System (MRS).

According to Roketsan the missiles can be used to engage targets including artillery and air defense systems, radar positions, assembly areas, logistics facilities, Command, Control and Communication Systems and other high priority targets.

The TRG-300 Kaplan missile being launched / Roketsan

Roketsan state that the TRG-300 TIGER Missile has long range precision strike capabilities and can be operated 24/7 in all weather and terrain conditions with high accuracy and ‘low undesirable impact.’ They note the system has ‘deception and jamming solutions’ and ‘proven combat ability’.