Chinese Army Threatens Taiwan In New Propaganda Video

The tensions between the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and Taiwan remain high, with occasional provocations taking place. The People’s Liberation Army officials have released a video of its soldiers concluding an assault on an unnamed island with the use of amphibious gear and attack helicopters. In the same video, the army started the capture of an individual accused of spying on behalf of the government in Taipei.

The video released on Sunday forced immidieate reaction of Taiwan’s government / (CCTV)

The situation between Mainland China and the Taiwan continues to undermine stability in the region. People’s Liberation Army (PLA) amphibious components shown in the video suggest preparations to conduct naval landings in the region.

In the meantime the White House confirmed the US’ intention to move forward with the sales of military equipment to Taiwan. High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) and Standoff Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response (SLAM-ER) cruise missiles with additional observation pods for F-16 will be delivered to Taipei with possible extension of other weapons systems sales. Both Harpoon anti-ship missiles and underwater mines, in order to deter a possible naval operation against the island, are expected to be sold to Taiwan soon.

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Chinese officials have threatened retaliation as the arms sales to Taiwan is considered an act of aggressive posturing against the Beijing. Foreign ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian, suggested that “China will make a legitimate and necessary response according to how the situation develops,”. According to Zhao, US arms sales to Taiwan China’s sovereignty and security interests.

The PRC officials demand the President of Taiwan, Tsai Ing-wen accept a diplomatic formulation that China and Taiwan are a part of a single country, threatening a military response if Taipei deepened its relations with the US.

Chinese MLRS shown in the video, conducting a live firing exercise / (CCTV)

In other news from the region, officials in Beijing claim that they captured a group of Taiwanese spies in an operation dubbed “Operation Thunder”. It is still unclear what the detainees have been accused of, however, they have already spoken in front of cameras, confessing to their alleged crimes against the PRC and the Communist party.

The Situation in the Western Pacific region is approaching boiling point once again. With increasing US commitment to Taiwan’s defense China is increasing the aggressiveness of its propaganda campaign. If tensions do bubble over their is the threat of a globalisation of a conflict with the US bound to aid Taiwan. With the US national elections in November nearing there will be no appeasement of China under the Trump administration.