IAG Unveil New STANAG Level One Land Cruisers for Lower Risk Operators

International Armored Group (IAG) have announced they are further expanding the range of vehicle options they offer. The company now offers the ubiquitous Land Cruiser 200 armored to STANAG 1 levels.

STANAG 1 rates the vehicle as proof against standard ball rounds up to 7.62x51mm NATO out to 30 metres, hand grenades detonating under the vehicle and against shrapnel from a 155mm artillery shell at 100 metres from impact.

This protection is considered adequate for many of the threats that may be faced by organisations operating in risk areas where high-end threats from organisations with access to more powerful weaponry or professional IED makers are not prevalent.

As such it offers a more economical option to purchasers who need to provide protected vehicles to their personnel but don’t need the higher levels of armor standards that IAG has traditionally offered, such as vehicles meeting STANAG 2 standards and above.

The Land Cruiser 200 is a stalwart around the world and as such the armored models offered by IAG have proven popular. Introduced in 2008, IAG’s armoring conversion process enables the up-armored Land Cruiser Wagon to defeat various ballistic and explosive threats, depending on the clients specifications. Suspension and brake upgrades provide excellent vehicle dynamics.

Various types are available from Toyota, including the basic G series, the medium spec GXR, and fully loaded VXR/VXR-I, all of which can receive protection upgrades from IAG.

In addition to left-hand drive models, IAG also supply armored right-hand drive vehicles.  The 4.5L twin turbo diesel engine is the preferred power plant for most clients, but gasoline V6 and V8 engines are also available if required.

IAG has been building armored vehicles of various types for over twenty years, including the Guardian which has seen some use in Syria in recent years.