EOS Test Fire Cannon and Javelin from RWS

The American arm of Australian firm EOS have successfully test-fired 30mm cannon and Javelin ATGMs (anti-tank guided missiles) from their R400S remote weapon station (RWS) mounted on a HMMWV (High Mobility Multi-purpose Wheeled Vehicle). The trials occurred late last month at the Redstone Test Center in Alabama.

The successful test-fire comes after almost a year of development work alongside the Javelin Joint Venture, partnering Raytheon Technologies and Lockheed Martin with EOS to integrate the Javelin with the EOS R400S Mk2 RWS. A pair of Javelins were launched along with test-firing of a slaved 30mm ATK M230LF Bushmaster. The Mk2 variant of the R400S can be equipped for either solo or dual weapons ranging from machine guns through to 30mm cannon (and now ATGMs) with a 3-axis stabilizer allowing the platform to fire accurately on the move.

CEO for EOS Defense Systems US, Phil Coker, noted; “This was an exceptional opportunity to fire one of the most lethal anti-tank missiles in the world in conjunction with a 30mm chain gun to validate that they are completely interoperable. The ability to effectively counter any maneuver threat on the modern battlefield is a significant advantage to an Army that has to deploy to any fight. At the same time, the capacity that the R400 offers to clearly identify friend-from-foe at the Javelin’s max range is an advantage that few other systems offer.”

As Coker points out, the sensor capability of the Javelin adds a new dimension to such a mounting. The standard Javelin Command Launch Unit (CLU) offers a range of 2500 meters whilst the recently unveiled Lightweight CLU can reach out to 4000 meters. It also enables light infantry and cavalry vehicles to engage and destroy enemy main battle tanks with confidence, whilst the 30mm offers excellent lethality against enemy dismounts, light vehicles and older generation armoured personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles such as the BMP-2.