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UK Military Launches Largest Military Robot Tests in History

The British Army is currently hosting the largest military exercise involving new autonomous technology in history. Exercise Autonomous Warrior 2018, will see British and allied partners test out over 70 pieces of advanced equipment and technology including enhanced surveillance drones and unmanned vehicles on the fields of Salisbury Plain – the British Army’s famous training ground.

British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announcing the beginning of the exercise said:

“Our troops now have the chance to test out a huge range of robotic kit in what will be the biggest exercise of its kind in our history. We’re always working with the brightest minds in Britain and across the world to see how they can support our military of the future, but now the front runners have the chance to prove what they can really do on a battlefield. This equipment could revolutionise our Armed Forces, keeping them safe and giving them the edge in an increasingly unstable world.”

Exercise Autonomous Warrior, originally announced back in June 2018, will run for four weeks from the 12th November until the 12th December. It will see collaboration between the British Army, Royal Marines, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and the US Army, as well as the MoD,  Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) and around 50 industry participants.

The technology being tested ranges from remote control kits for large vehicles, being tested with the Warrior IFV to small hand held drones which can be used in urban environments to scout. Dstl and AEWE have been sharing some of the highlights on their twitter feed:

US Army involvement comes from the U.S. Army Maneuver Battle Lab
Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE) who have sent A Co/1-29 infantry to take part in the testing and evaluation.

The aim of the exercise is to push the boundaries of current military technology and evaluate how current industry offerings in “Robotic and Autonomous Systems can be used to enhance and shape future capability” in the field. British Chief of the General Staff, Gen. Mark Carleton-Smith said recently that “the nature of warfare is broadening beyond the traditional physical domains” and the British military needs to be ready to adapt.

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