Danish Tall Ship Collides With USS Minneapolis Saint Paul

On Sunday during Fleet Week in Maryland, the Danish training ship “Danmark” collided with the US Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) USS Minneapolis Saint Paul while the Danmark was being tugged out of Baltimore’s inner harbor. However, the incident reportedly did not result in any major destruction and the worst damage caught on camera amounted to little more than a damaged railing on the Minneapolis-Saint Paul.

According to a US Navy spokesperson:

“The ships were in port taking part in what has been a fantastic week in Baltimore for Maryland Fleet Week and Flyover Baltimore. […] No U.S. Navy personnel were injured and no serious damage sustained onboard USS Minneapolis St. Paul (LCS 21).”

The Danmark is a three-mast wooden ship built by Denmark in 1932 and is used as a training vessel. The ship had visited the US on multiple occasions and remained in the US during World War II. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the ship was lent to the US to train US Navy cadets up until the end of the war.

The Danmark is visible in the background of the photos.

The Minneapolis Saint Paul and Danmark were both in Baltimore Harbor for Maryland Fleet Week, an event which brings historical and modern ships to Baltimore harbor from both the US and foreign navies in a celebration of the naval services. This is the third time since 2016 that Maryland hosted the event.

According to Washington Naval District commandant, Rear Admiral Nancy S. Lacore:

“Fleet Week is a tradition for Baltimore and the U.S. Navy that goes back years. […] Past Fleet Weeks proved just how magnificent this historic city, its port, and its people are and how skilled you are as partners to the Navy and planning and executing such a complex event. We are glad to be back for Fleet Week”

Some other ships participating in Fleet Week included the USS Carter Hall (LSD 50), USNS Newport (T-EPF-12), HMCS Moncton (M-708) and the US Coast Guard Cutter James Rankin (WLM-555). The event ran from 7 to 13 September.