Weekend Briefing (21-25 February)

Welcome to Overt Defense’s Weekend Briefing where we round up the week’s most interesting and important defense news. We continue to deliver more fascinating news from around the World regarding military technology, events and cover a multitude of subjects.
This week’s news has been dominated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and we have focused daily update feeds on the development of the war.
You can check out the latest events from this conflict in our live feed article that is constantly updated.
Nonetheless, we continue our efforts in delivering new articles on other subjects as well, this includes Airbus A-400 successful drone release, Badger IFV development, P-8A Poseidon delivery to Norway, and many more. The list of articles is available down below.

UPDATES: Russian Advance in Ukraine Slows

Russia Testing Cruise and Ballistic Missiles As Part of Its Strategic Deterrence Exercise

Danish Anti-Piracy Effort in the Gulf of Guinea Ends as Ukraine Crisis Escalates

Middle East’s Largest Naval Exercise IMX/CE 2022 Comes to an End

French Navy Begins Jean D’Arc 2022

Putin Orders Military “Peacekeeping” Operation In Ukrainian Territory

RAAF P-8A Hit by Laser During “Dangerous” Encounter with Chinese Navy

Badger IFV – Still Incomplete But Tries To Compete

Iranian Air Force F-5 Fighter Aircraft Crashes Near Tabriz

Israeli Navy Tests C-Dome – the Naval Version of the Iron Dome Air Defense System

Ukraine Calls Up Operational Reserves

Biden Announces First Russian Sanctions, Warns Of Larger Invasion

Airbus’ A400M Successfully Conducts First Airborne Drone Release

Ukraine Warns Of Staged Provocation On Crimea As Separatists Call For Russian Aid Against “Aggression”

UPDATES: Russia Begins Offensive Operations Against Ukraine

India Conducts Presidential Fleet Review With Over 60 Ships, 55 Aircraft

Turkey Successfully Test-Fires The HİSAR-RF Air Defense Missile

First Norwegian P-8A Arrives Home

UPDATES: Kyiv Under Pressure as Russia Renews Advances

NATO’s “Dynamic Manta 2022 (DYMA 22)” Anti-Submarine Warfare Exercise Has Begun

United Arab Emirates Announces Its Intention to Buy 12 L15 Jet Trainers from China

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