Weekend Briefing (2-6 August)

Welcome to another Weekend Briefing, where we round-up the week’s most important defense news and some of the stories that may have flown under the radar. This week at Overt Defense we covered the news that Italy has conducted their first F-35 carrier landing, the US Air Force’s ARRW flight test failed, Iran suspected of hijacking operations, India’s carrier Vikrant has begun sea trials and we examined China’s mysterious DF-100 cruise missile. These stories and more are rounded up below:

United States Coast Guard Commissions Three Cutters in Guam

Afghanistan’s Special Forces Start Training In Turkey As Part Of NATO’s Mission

Demystifying The DF-100: A Deeper Look At China’s Mysterious Cruise Missile

First Ever Italian Navy F-35B Landing Aboard ITS Cavour

UK Seeking New ‘Army Special Operations Brigade Rifle’

Eight Egyptian Soldiers Killed During Operations In North Sinai

Motor Ignition Failure During Second ARRW Booster Flight Test

US Critical Supply Chain Task Force Releases Findings

New RAND Studies Tackle Foreign Disinformation in the United States

Future Attack Submarine USS Hyman G. Rickover Christened

Iranian Involvement Suspected In Hijacking Of Asphalt Princess Tanker

Explosion Near the Home of Defense Minister Bismillah Mohammadi in Kabul, Afghanistan

German Frigate ‘Bayern’ Sails to the Pacific

Australian Navy’s Final Hobart-class Destroyer Completes Testing

Fourth German-Built S-44 Submarine Delivered to Egyptian Navy

US State Department Greenlights The Sale of CH-53K Helicopters to Israel

IDF Retaliated as Rockets Launched From Lebanon

India’s First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier Future INS Vikrant Begins Sea Trials

Navy Awards Omega, CASS Commercial Air-to-Air Refueling Contracts

Poland’s National Security Compromised By Minister’s Email Hack

DARPA Aims to Use Quantum Techniques for Radio Frequency Sensing

Tigray Forces Take UNESCO Site of Lalibela

US Air Force Awards Hermeus $60 Million Hypersonic Aircraft Flight Testing Contract

Third Type 054A/P Frigate Launched for Pakistan in China

DARPA LINC Program Enabling Military Systems to Adapt to the Unexpected

LRASMs Dropped From F-15 Japan Super Interceptor Upgrade List

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