Israeli Navy Purchases Four Shaldag MK V Vessels From Israeli Shipyards

The Ministry of Defense’s Director of Procurement stated that it will purchase four Shaldag-type security ships for the naval force for approximately $100 million from the Israel Shipyards Company. The company will offer four ships that are equipped to meet the Navy’s advanced specifications, allowing for capability upgrades.

Head of Purchasing Avi Dadon said: “the signing of the agreement with Israel Shipyards is a declaration of intent of the Ministry of Defense. Despite budgetary difficulties, we are once again building warships at Israel shipyards after nearly 15 years. I welcome the partnership that will strengthen both security and industry and employment in the north of the country.”

Chairman of Israel Shipyards, Sami Katsav added:

“We are pleased to continue the long-standing cooperation with the Ministry of Defense and the Navy, and to order 4 new patrol boats from Israel Shipyards. The current deal shows the contribution of Israel shipyards to national security, and we are proud that we can serve the naval arm and the Ministry of Defense of the State of Israel. This significant order constitutes a seal of approval for the company’s quality and professionalism as a supplier of advanced vessels to governments and security forces around the world and will assist defense exports from the State of Israel.”

The Shaldag Mark V / From the official website of the Israel Shipyards Company

According to the information given by the Israel Shipyards company, the Shaldag MK V, the largest ship in the Shaldag class, was designed for tasks such as; maritime security, sudden attacks in both coastal waters and on the open seas, anti-piracy, illegal smuggling, counter-terrorism, search and rescue, and the protection of critical structures. It’s hull is built entirely of aluminum, making it a light and fast vessel.

The ships are outfitted with next-generation navigation radars and light weapons systems. The Shaldag class vessel is also capable of carrying 8 to 14 personnel on board.  The platform is 32.65 meters long, 6.20 meters wide, has a displacement of 95 tons, and can achieve a top speed of 40 mph. It has a range of 100 nautical miles. Eitan Zucker, the company’s CEO, said, “we are pleased with our long-standing cooperation with the Israeli Navy, and with the opportunity for our flagship vessel to become part of the Navy and its missions ‒ protecting our country’s maritime borders.”