Turkey Successfully Test Fires MRLS Integrated With The VURAN

The Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher System from MKEK was incorporated into BMC’s VURAN 4×4 Tactical Wheeled Vehicle. Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir, President of the Defense Industry, shared the news on social media.

In his tweet, Demir said:

“Our defense industry has combined its capabilities to offer quick solutions our soldiers in the field. The 107 mm Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher integrated into the BMC production VURAN vehicle, has successfully hit its target in the test fire. The VURAN, equipped with an MRLS which can fire 12 rockets, in a single set is at the disposal of the TSK!”

Roketsan and MKEK tags were also included in the tweet. According to this detail, the weapon system was manufactured by MKEK, and the rockets were Roketsan’s TR-107 model rockets. The MKEK manufactured weapon system, which can fire 12 rockets at a time, is able to open fire on targets from 00 to 550 degrees. At sea level, the TR-107 rockets weighing 20 kg, have a range of over 11 km. With 8.4 kg warheads, the TR-107 rockets have an effective range of more than 14km.

The 107mm Multi-Barrel Rocket Launcher Weapon System (ÇNRA) is a system that can be used in all weather conditions to provide fire support to maneuvering units.

Because of its light weight and high mobility as a 4 x 4 vehicle, the VURAN mounted with the T-107M NRA, contained in a classic 107mm pod with 12 steel tubes, can easily support the operations of small and light maneuvering units, and can provide continuous, close, and intense fire support to these units.

230 VURANs have been supplied to the ground forces since November 2019. The Ground Forces Command, the Gendarmerie General Command, and the Coast Guard Command will, in total, receive 713 more.

The VURAN stands out for its 9-person carrying capacity, high protection, and agility. With its monocoque body, armored cabin and windows, shock absorbing seats, and remote controlled automatic weapon station, the VURAN provides excellent protection for its passengers against mines and ballistic threats. The VURAN also has special optical systems, an automatic fire extinguishing system, and a central tire inflation function.