French and Egyptian Navies Conduct a Joint Military Exercise in the Red Sea

The French and Egyptian navies have conducted a joint military exercise dubbed “2021 Ramses” in the Red Sea.

The most recent joint military exercise between the two countries Egypt took place in the Mediterranean on 22 March. Egypt announced that it would be conducting sea and air maneuvers with France to increase security and stability in the region.

Joint military drills between Egypt and France have increased in recent years, and military arms agreements have become a key element in the two countries’ relations.

As part of the alliances and agreements with the United States, Russia, and France, these countries have become Egypt’s most important military equipment providers since Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi came to power in June 2014.

According to Egyptian Army Spokesperson Colonel Tamir er-Rifai’s the Egyptian Navy’s frigate “Secem al-Fatih,” the French Navy’s aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” which has also recently taken part in the joint exercise named “VARUNA-21” with the Indian Navy in the Arabian Sea, and several fighter jets and naval units have also taken part in the exercise.

According to Rifai, the exercise included several significant joint training drills that will benefit both countries’ navies in increasing their capabilities and further cooperation going forward.

A joint air exercise was also conducted concurrently with the “2021 Ramses” joint military exercise. However, Colonel Rifai did not disclose where this air exercise took place, only stating that the exercise was conducted at an undisclosed Egyptian Air Base.

Finally, Rifai added that the Egyptian and French armed forces are cooperating to take advantage of bilateral capabilities and support regional security and stability efforts through these joint military exercises. The Egyptian Navy is one of the most capable in the region with Egypt’s government focused on its modernization.