Russian and Syrian Ballistic Missiles Strike at Oil Trade in Turkish-Controlled Syria

Multiple ballistic missiles slammed into oil infrastructure in northern Aleppo on Friday night, setting large fires and inflicting numerous casualties.

The villages of Tarhin and Al Hamran just south of the Turkish border were bathed in flame and smoke Friday night after at least 5 ballistic missiles targeted a makeshift fuel refinery and a diesel market controlled by Turkish-backed factions.

Fires burning at Al Hamran crossing after being hit (via social media)

The attack first struck al Hamran, one of two major crossings between the Turkish-backed factions and the Syrian Democratic Forces. As many as three ballistic missiles struck a collection point for trucks carrying oil products, causing huge explosions and massive fires.

Missile strike in Al Hamran, northern Aleppo
Video from al Hamran showing explosions and fire

Immediately following the attack on al Hamran the oil refining site near Tarhin was targeted with missiles. Setting trucks and refining tanks alight

Video shows massive fires and chaos in Tarhin

Attacks on Northern Aleppo are becoming more and more common as the Syrian Army and Russians seek to deny fuel to Turkish-backed territory. The muted response from the Turkish army who is supposedly protecting this area is not unnoticed by the residents, many of whom have lost their livelihoods from attacks such as these. These attacks only further stoke discontent against the Turkish government as Syrian citizens under their protection continue to suffer from bombardment and the economic impacts.