Canadian Firm Hyperstealth Unveils Quantum Stealth Lenticular-Lens Camouflage

Following recently released videos that are sweeping the Internet, Canadian technology firm Hyperstealth have announced a patent application related to their Quantum Stealth Light Bending Material. Based on the concept of the lenticular lens, the Quantum Stealth can conceal soldiers or vehicles in the open from easy recognition. A lenticular lens is essentially an array of magnifying lenses which magnifies objects differently when viewed from various angles.

Whilst the material does not offer true invisibility it makes any object very difficult to ascertain if not at close range. The material can bend light in the ultraviolet to the infrared spectrum meaning that objects viewed through traditional night vision and even thermal imagers will be even more difficult to see due to the poorer image resolution.

According to Hyperstealth CEO Guy Cramer; “True invisibility was thought to be impossible by most physicists. Not only does the material hide a target in the visible spectrum but Guy demonstrates that it also bends in the Ultraviolet, Infrared and Shortwave Infrared while it blocks the Thermal Spectrum, making it a true “Broadband Invisibility Cloak”.”

Image courtesy Hyperstealth

“There is no power source. It is paper-thin and inexpensive. It can hide a person, a vehicle, a ship, spacecraft and buildings. The patent discusses 13 versions of the material and the patent allows for many more configurations. One piece of Quantum Stealth can work in any environment, in any season at any time of the day or night, something no other camouflage is capable of.”

Quantum Stealth does betray its presence by distorting the immediate background around an object but if the Light Bending Material can be applied directly to a vehicle via a folding screen or even incorporated onto the vehicle as a form of active camouflage, the tactical advantages are nothing less than ground-breaking. The company offers a number of scenarios on their website to illustrate how Quantum Stealth could offer evolutionary physical camouflage.

Hyperstealth have a considerable history of developing camouflage patterns including the King Abdullah II pattern, for the Jordanian Armed Forces, and the Afghan Forest pattern for the Afghan National Army so are no stranger to military procurement requirements.