BREAKING: Remington Laysoff Senior Directors And Management

Several sources have confirmed that the corporation has “released” several dozen employees, some of which hold high-ranking positions. Out of respect for the individuals named, TFB will only be releasing their general titles and departments.

The news isn’t exactly a surprise – following last week’s report of 120 layoffs at a New York manufacturing plant, everyone had the feeling that more changes were coming. Remington has also faced harsh, and mostly deserved, criticism in the past few years for failed product launches, quality control issues and completely basically ignoring some specialty divisions such as Advanced Armament.

In the end, someone is accountable for both the successes and the failures – an obvious conclusion that some companies never reach. However, the harder questions remain: does Remington have enough talent left to fix the problems they have and develop new firearms that people actually want to buy? Do they have the resources to hire new blood that will favor innovation over pure profitability?

Me personally, I’d settle for quality lever actions, bolt actions and pump shotguns that we all used to trust to work every time. Get back to basics of producing industry-standard guns and worry about rolling out the next big pistol sometime later in the future.

Remington Fires High-Level Directors and management:

  • Director (in Product Management)
  • Director (in Defense)
  • Senior VP (in Product Development)
  • Sr. Retail Specialist

We asked Remington Media Relations for a statement:

Earlier today we made the difficult decision to release 34 employees across ROC locations.

These changes, while difficult, are necessary to ensure the Company’s long-term success in a rapidly changing marketplace. We are assisting affected employees through severance packages and other benefits to facilitate their transition.

The small arms industry is facing significant near-term challenges related to slowing order velocity and high channel inventories; a dynamic from which Remington is not immune. After exploring all the options available to us, we were compelled to reduce our work force by releasing 122 team members Wednesday, March 8th from our Ilion, NY site. As we move forward, we will continue to monitor all segments of the business for growth opportunities.

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